About Us


Apple Pharms began as an answer to the call to lead a life of service through science - science that forwards humanity and its relationship to nature & to the planet. We believe that the natural world is the proven leading source of inspiration and discovery. Like the apple that inspired Isaac Newton to create the beginnings of calculus, the apple represents a catalyst for change. It is the vision of Apple Pharms to serve the planet by setting the example that health of the body and planet are not separate, and it is best to serve both simultaneously. This vision will be seeded through offering innovative products and solutions, creating collaborative relationships with our customers, initiating and inspiring this change.


Apple Pharms is a value driven natural products development firm located in Asheville, North Carolina. It is our intention to provide clients access to the most current life science methods and technologies to help discover, develop and advance alternative & traditional sources of nutrition and medicine. From concept development to process improvement, our team works to help your products achieve the highest standards of quality, authenticity and purity. We believe in creating strong collaborative relationships with clients in order to create new, novel and sustainable products from natural sources.